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Sam Hardy

Sam grew up in the farming town of Oakley, ID. As a young lad, he thought he would grow up to be a vet, a pet store owner, a rock star, a DJ, or a professional basketball player, depending on when you asked him. Instead, he ended up being a psychology professor. He got his BA in human development at BYU, and his PhD in developmental psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has been a professor at BYU since 2007. Sam is married and has two teenage boys and two cute doodle girls. His hobbies are drumming, cooking, playing with his dogs, reading, and watching movies, sports, concert videos, or cooking shows. Sam has been studying adolescent development for over two decades. He has conducted research on moral development, identity formation, religion and spirituality, positive youth development, motivation, parenting, and teen risk behaviors. Currently his research focuses on religious/spiritual development, particularly processes of conversion and deconversion.
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Current Graduate Students

Emily Taylor

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Former Graduate Students


Jenae Nelson

Amber Cazzell

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Undergraduate Research Assistants

Camron Angell

Emelia Call-Tadje

Parker Gardner

Andrew Moss

Emilia Rabe

Hailey Richmond

Alejandro Rodriguez

Elena Storms